Luthiers Exclusivity Program

The program that connects luthiers with musicians in a mutually beneficial way.

Joining the Warchal Luthiers Exclusivity Program doesn't mean that you can't sell other string brands in your workshop. We would never ask you to accept that kind of exclusivity. We support variety of choice for both you and your customers.

Warchal LEP means that our best products are sold via selected luthiers and repairers in person only. They are excluded from online sales.*

What are the main benefits for you and your customers?

Musicians will need to come to your shop to purchase the strings. We appreciate that this is a little more effort for them. However they'll have the opportunity of having a professional, free of charge string change, (if required). You'll have the opportunity to briefly check over their entire instrument which never hurts. There may well be other maintenance that needs doing and this is the ideal opportunity to discuss it with your customer. Importantly, the costs of major damage and repair work, (such as cracks starting), could be avoided by your customer if regular early maintenance is carried out.

What are the further benefits for luthiers?

Within the EU, you will be allowed to purchase directly from Warchal and this allows you to maintain a profitable margin. Outside the EU the LEP products will be distributed only via selected wholesalers. They will undertake to keep their margins lower than usual.

What are the further benefits for users?

The LEP string products are distributed in their original straight shape in tubes only. They are never coiled.** This allows end users to enjoy the best possible sound quality.

How can I apply for LEP?

You can become a member of our LEP program if you are a luthier serving the musical community with common maintenance services such as bow rehairing, fingerboard, soundpost and bridge adjusting, cracks repairs etc.

Luthiers from Europe, (excluding the UK), can register here -

Luthiers from the UK should contact AR distribution either through their website or by emailing


Are you from overseas?

Another country? Contact us at


*Any kind of online sale is not allowed. However, Warchal reserves the right to promote the LEP products with limited sales on their corporate e-shop for a limited time.

**The strings are available in their original straight shape at luthiers only. Strings sold by within the promotional limited sale are coiled.